Without a Shout – William Wareham

I define this piece as "Organized chaos or disorganized order"? I am trying to find that balance where these two actions (order and chaos) find a brief harmony of diffused energy in collaboration. This is an abstract formalist sculpture that in a metaphorical way relates to our daily lives. From the order we shape our lives inside to the unknown, and perhaps disorder we will encounter around the corner. As we try to find equilibrium and balance in our lives, sometimes we are more successful than others.

Size: 10′ x 10′ x 3′ Composition: Painted re-cycled steel.

Without a Shout was donated to the City by the artist.

Artist Statement

I have been using recycled steel as the primary source for my sculpture. Yet, I go far beyond what most artists do with recycled materials. It is the pre-used history that the material inherently holds that inspires me. These worn out metal things will continue to have life by gathering, refocusing and rejoining into a collective other life. Whether creating massive works, pieces for estate collections, human scale sculpture, unique tables, benches and chairs, or pedestal-size pieces, I remain true to my inner drive to capture the viewer’s consciousness through powerful abstract sculptures.

Sponsor: The Artist
Photo by Tedd Peterson