Cloverdale Sculpture Trail Exhibit

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The high quality of the contemporary sculptures displayed in Cloverdale range from the humorous to thought provoking and some with a message or story. The every two years changing of the sculptures are enjoyed and experienced by residents and tourists on the downtown streets of Cloverdale.

For more information go to: All about The Call, Selection Committee, Judges and Timelines.

  • Best of Show – David Mudgett, “The Disc”
    • Prize Donor – Jane & Ron Pavelka – Compass Realty
  • First Prize – Diego Harris – “Being”
    • Prize Donor – Wolf House Brewery
  • Honorable Mention – Peter Hassen – “Cycles 2: Science”
    • Prize Donor – Erin Mavis Clothing
  • People’s Choice – Announced at the reception on 6/4/2022

The sculptors and sponsors are listed below in the order they are on the Trail Map which has a printable PDF. You can use the map link beneath each image for a quick location look. Select the picture for a larger view, or select sculpture and artist name for further information.

Shadows of Eternity by Boback Emad
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Shadows of Eternity” by Boback Emad
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
Map Number 2
Thistle by Bryan Tedrick
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“Thistle” by Bryan Tedrick
Sponsor: Erickson Fine Art Gallery
Map Number 4
Pigasus by Michael Seymour
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Pigasus by Michael Seymour
Sponsor: Kelley & Young Wines
Map Number 5
Lips by Beth Hartmann
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“Lips” by Beth Hartmann
Sponsor: David McChesney
Map Number 6
The Disc by David Mudgett
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“The Disc” by David Mudgett
Sponsor: Papa’s Pizza Café
Map Number 7
Derrick by Sculpture Jam
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Derrick by Sculpture Jam
Sponsor: David McChesney
Map Number 8
Icarus by Hector M. Ortega &  Taryn Moore
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“Icarus” by Hector M. Ortega & Taryn Moore
Sponsor: Management Connections
Map Number 9
Cycles 2: Science by Peter Hansen
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“Cycles 2: Science” by Peter Hansen
Sponsor: Suzanne Black
Map Number 10
Hekate by Stan Huncilman
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“Hekate” by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Plank Coffee & Roastery
Map Number 11
Celestial Poodle by Peter & Robyn Crompton
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“Celestial Poodle” by Peter & Robyn Crompton
Sponsor: Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
Map Number 12
Being by Diego Harris
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“Being” by Diego Harris
Sponsor: Jude Gibson
Map Number 14

For more information go to: All about The Call, Selection Committee, Judges and Timelines