After Tubbs – Adrian Litman

“After TUBBS” is a symbolic sculpture representing the building blocks in the effort of recovery after the TUBBS wildfire destruction in Santa Rosa. The sculpture is executed with left over wood blocks from rebuilding my house and studio. The blocks are painted with outdoor grade paints and assembled to each other with bolts.

It stands about 5′ high, 4′ wide and 4′ deep. Weight is about 350 lb. standing on a 5′ x 5′ wood frame.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I find inspiration and fuel for creative expression by contemplating the world around me. My inspiration is enhanced by concepts introduced by contemporary science, social issues, politics and cultural diversities. I use abstract and figurative interpretations to convey messages and emotions with sensibility, combining control and passion. Vibrant and luminous colors converge in an elegant harmony, bringing unity to chaos. Having an eclectic approach to design, I feel comfortable flowing from dramatic subjects to whimsical and humorous themes. With years of experience, I acquired a set of skills working with a variety of materials and art creating techniques. As a basic principle, I create public art with flexibility, allowing and welcoming the projects stake holders and community’s input and participation.

Sponsor: Carol Keig & Lenny Von Hoohgenstyn
Photo by Jude Gibson
Call Janet @ 707-293-7426 for purchase information