Being by Diego Harris

Being by Diego Harris

“Being” has been sold and will soon be moved to its permanent home. Diego is going to provide the Trail with a substitute sculpture to be installed in the same location as “Being”. We will announce when the new sculpture has been installed.

“Being” has a very plant like quality and will seem to be growing up from out of the ground. It will be a very inviting sculpture and the organic shapes will be very pleasing to the eye. It is this alive like quality that I strive to create in all my sculpture. In this case I’m very confident that I have hit that mark. This sculpture won “First Place”. It is 9’ 8” H x 6’ 2” W x 3’ 6” D, weight 450 lbs. Composition, welded Corten, steel sheet over re-bar.

Artist Statement

Diego Harris is an artist based in the small northern California town of Upper Lake. He has had a gallery there since 2007. His current focus is constructing larger than life, whimsical sculptures primarily made of welded steel, sheet metal, and recycled car parts that invite people to interact with them.
Recently Diego Harris has begun to offer making his sculptures in Corten steel or weathering steel as it is also known. Using weathering steel, a sculpture will last longer and require less maintenance than one made with traditional mild steel. This is because weathering steel has small amounts of copper, nickel, and chromium. The sculpture will develop a rust patina but will not develop deep pitting rust. This eliminates the need for subsequent applications of weather sealant.

Sponsor: Jude Gibson
Photo by Jude Gibson
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