Blue Swan – Cynthia Handle

“Blue Swan” came about as I was walking in Yellowstone, these beautiful white swans came floating by in early spring. The sky was this intense deep blue color and the piece became this deep intense color. I hope to create a sense of calm and place when people look at the blue screen piece. My hand and mind created this swirling, curved form much like the necks and movement of the swans.

Scale: 8ft. x 4 ft. x 4ft. – Composition is Steel.

Artist Statement

I have investigated sculpture and performance for the past 20 years. My work combines fabricated steel, cast bronze and iron elements with silk, wood, beeswax and fire. All of which are “poetic and graceful, intuitive and intimate much like a dance of the body” the movement of the iron on the paper and the artist. My work is inspired by organic forms, urban structures and hybrids of these forms. Each piece is a result of marks, gestures and multiple layers of decision making.

Sponsor: Management Connection, Cloverdale
Photo by Jude Gibson
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