Capricho 17 – Stan Huncilman

Stan Huncilman has a sculpture, "Capricho 17" located on Cloverdale Blvd. in front of the Gould Shaw House. Sponsored by Plank Coffee, the sculpture is 57" high x 21" wide x 21" deep and created using pressure formed and welded steel, and then painted.

Stan states that "Creativity is a capricious character. Beware the horns. It wells from the unknown; swirling, teasing, taunting and beguiling, then it’s gone and unaccountable. When all is said and done there’s only a sculpture to prove it existed. Capricho 17 is a sculpture that dodged the horns." Capricho is Spanish for capricious or whim.

Stan’s studio is located in Berkeley, or quirky Berkeley. The outside and inside of his studio is quirky, colorful and filled with whimsical sculptures. To Stan, "All art is an abstraction. I think more about the act of creation than the outcome". Having exhibited in Cloverdale numerous times in Cloverdale we have seen a number of his colorful, whimsical sculptures. Keep them coming Stan, as your sculptures put a smile on our faces.