Horn Tree – Diego Harris

Diego Harris from Lake County has exhibited extensively in Mendocino County, and is now exhibiting in Northern Sonoma County. He works in an eclectic mix of different media. He etches on gourds, makes jewelry from wire, scrap metal and stones, and for the last five years has concentrated on welding furniture and large sculptures. Diego is always finding ways in which he can blend together his different media.

In the Geyserville Trail Diego has a sculpture, "Spring", which is 12 feet in height and 3 1/2 feet square at the base, was created out of mild steel sheeting with a welded internal structure of cross bracing bars. According to the sculptor, "In this sculpture I have taken disused scrap metal and given it new life. It blends materials and tools of modern industry, steel sheeting, bolts and re-bar into a shape that is more like something found in nature. The piece is further connected to its surroundings by the presence of its shadow. As the shadow moves throughout the day and throughout the year it creates a constantly changing image, which causes a different affect whenever it is seen." "Spring" sponsored by Gail & Chris Madsen is located on Geyesville Avenue near the Plaza Park & Ride.

The sculpture "Horn Tree" located in Cloverdale is part of a tree series by Diego, which includes "Spring". "Horn Tree" blends the shapes and movement of nature with the materials of modern industry, which includes re-bar, heavy bolts and steel sheeting. The industrial materials used to create the sculpture enhance the mechanical feel of the piece, which complements the organic look of the piece. When working on each of the sculptures in the tree series, Diego considers how the shadow cast by the sculptures during the day and throughout the year changes the perspective of his work. "Horn Tree" is sponsored by Bob Scott and Tim McDonald and can be view at the corner of 3rd Street and Cloverdale Boulevard. This sculpture is 12 1/2 feet in height by 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

Photo by Jude Gibson-Byers