Into the Wind – Pierre Riche

Pierre Riche from Felton has a sculpture in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, "Into the Wind", created out of welded recycled metals, in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. To Riche the sculpture "is the pattern of becoming something intended. It’s the challenge of creating new hope from old relics of the past. Facing the winds of our own inner psychology we weld together all of our resources at hand and forge a new possibility for who we are in the world. The process is challenging and courageous, but the rewards are great."

"Into the Wind" is located at the intersection of Cloverdale Blvd. and W. 2nd Street, and is sponsored by Vonhoogenstyn & Associates. The sculpture is 6′ high by 2′ wide and 8′ deep.

Pierre has another sculpture in Cloverdale, “Metaface”, a representation of Gaia, the earth’s feminine goddess principal personified in a mask. “Metaface” is a Cloverdale favorite for its creativity and workmanship; also, with the permission of the artists the Chamber of Commerce is able to decorate the goddess for each holiday. The sculpture is located on the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and W. First Street.

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles