Agrisculpture – Anthony Johnson

Sculptor Anthony Johnson of Mckinleyville is inspired by the everyday use of farm equipment and the recycling of tools of yesterday to transform them into sculptures, which gives them new purpose and meaning. According to Anthony, "Completing a sculpture is not of utmost important. The "struggle or “process" is the most important part of creating my art. It is an adventure that has its own rewards. Welding, cutting, bending and grinding are a form of meditation that transports me to a different place."

The components for his sculpture, on display on Cloverdale Blvd. near the History Center and sponsored by 14 feet, came from a dilapidated rusted out haro plow that was towed behind a tractor. After cleaning each hub from the plow, Anthony, decided to stack them vertically on an aluminum pole embedded in a base, and the rusted haro plow was transformed into "Agrisculpture".

Photo by Jude Gibson-Byers