Power Flower – Bryan Tedrick

Bryan Tedrick is no stranger to Cloverdale as he has exhibited his sculptures in Cloverdale in the past. Many people remember the first visit of Bryan’s "Bull" sculpture in 2010 and its return for the 10th anniversary of the Cloverdale Annual Sculpture Exhibit. This year there are two Tedrick sculptures in the Sculpture Trail, one in Cloverdale and one in Geyserville.

Bryan has a sculpture, Power Flower, in the field south of Geyserville, which is 8’x8’x6′ and created out of steel and stainless steel. The sponsor is North Coast Properties. The sculpture is a reworking of a piece Bryan made for Burning Man in 2011 called "Orgasm". The original was a vessel that could be filled with wood and then burned which was quite dramatic, but he soon realized that 99.9% of the time it just stood there waiting for fire to happen. According to Bryan, "Better I thought to have a sculpture that is always ready to be seen plus of course there are limitations of when and where one can have fires and it just didn’t get used. So, I decorated the steel plates by making cut outs and am presenting it on its side because the more interesting view is through the interior which could not be seen when standing upright as it was originally. Made of steel and stainless steel I estimate the weight to be around 4,000 pounds. My hope is that Power Flower will become a curious landscaping element."

According to Bryan, There are precious moments when the mind is quiet and I can enjoy my senses without interference. Sculpting, at its best, includes such moments. Balancing space, mass, texture, color, line, pattern, weight, and proportion is a visual pleasure. Harmony is something I feel; analysis is secondary. While I may have a general idea in mind when creating a sculpture, the passages that constitute the whole are a surprise to me. I grab elements that are near at hand, realizing that chance and spontaneity are keys to accessing fresh visual territory. This maundering exploration often involves stumbling corrections and meandering whimsy, but eventually concludes with a satisfying map of the journey."

Photo by Artist