Supporting Coleman by Anthony Johnson

The idea for the sculpture "Supporting Coleman" by sculptor Anthony Johnson of Mckinleyville, came from a torso mold of his friend Coleman who was living with Anthony and his wife shortly after they graduated from Humboldt State University. Anthony further explains, "Often in life, we support others who are in transitions and need a helping hand. With the placement of my gloved hand the metaphor transformed a figurative concept into a physical form. Compositionally I place the hand held torso at eye level so that the viewer can engage the sculpture directly and the concepts it represents."

To Anthony, "Completing a sculpture is not of utmost important. The "struggle" or "process" is the most important part of creating my art. It is an adventure that has its own rewards. Welding, cutting, bending and grinding are a form of meditation that transports me to a different place."

This sculpture, (76" high x 36"wide x 30"deep) was created using fabricated and cast aluminum, is on display on Cloverdale Blvd. by Bolt’s and sponsored by Bolt Fabric + Home.

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles