Constrained Geometrics #3 – Hector M. Ortega

Hector M. Ortega of Phoenix, AZ uses steel to create his sculptures as he continues his exploration of basic elemental forms and shapes. "Steel as a medium has enabled me to translate gentle arcs, rolling waves, and tapering geometries into forms, that once interconnected, will evoke a sense of place, calm, and order to our environment. My new series is a metaphor for life, taking what constraints we have at any given moment in life and making the most of what we have at hand", states Hector.

The series is titled Constrained Geometries. Three in this series have been created; two of the series are on display in Cloverdale. "Constrained Geometrics #2" won Best of Show in the 2017-2018 Trail, and in 2018-2019 Trail "Constrained Geometrics #3" won Honorable Mention. Currently he is primarily working on large-scale sculptures and custom architectural steel fabrication and design.

"Constrained Geometries #2" is now located on the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and Citrus Fair Drive. The construction of this 9′ x9′ x9′ sculpture is fabricated steel with a natural oxidized patina and is sponsored by Mike and Mary Ann Brigham.

In the 2018-2019 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, the Ortega sculpture "Constrained #3" is 8’2" high x 5’3" wide x 5’3" deep is located at the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and E. First Street. The sponsor of this sculpture is Wilson Winery.