CT-58 – Richard Starks

“CT-58” a sculpture by Richard Starks, is part of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. In 1998 Starks began creating large welded metal sculptures, most of which originate from shapes he imagines, as is the case with “CT-58”. In his sketchbook he begins with a series of lines which eventually turns into a pictorial or 3-dimensional sketch, says Starks of his process. From the sketch, he begins forming a three dimensional form in steel. Using 12 gauge cor-ten sheet steel, Starks cuts out, bends, tacks and then welds the entire form, after which he grinds and blends every weld and edge. His goal is to create a form that looks as if it had been made from a solid chunk of steel. The finish is natural rust which takes several years to reach a final dark brown color.

Starks commented, “Being able to turn a mental vision into something real is deeply, incredibly satisfying. When asked which one of my works is my favorite, I always answer the same way: The one I’m working on right now.” This creative sculptor has exhibited all over the greater Bay Area. “CT-58” is located in front of the Chamber of Commerce‚Äôs building, 126 N. Cloverdale Blvd.


Photo by Tedd Peterson