Cycles 2: Science by Peter Hansen

Cycles 2: Science by Peter Hansen
Cycles 2: Science

Peter Hassen of Sonoma is exhibiting for the first time in Cloverdale. “Cycles 2: Science” is a corten steel sculpture comprised of three round disks nested together symmetrically to form a sphere. The three disks are waterjet cut with both historical and contemporary icons. The sculpture is 48” H x 48” W x 48” D with a base of 34” x 34” x46”. The sponsor is Suzanne Black and can be viewed at the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and E. 2nd Street.

Cycles 2 represents three historic eras of science. The first disk shows a Spira Mirabilis (marvelous spiral), a logarithmic spiral whose ratio is not only used as a grounding principal in architecture, but is also found throughout nature: from the spirals of the Milky Way to the chambers of a nautilus shell. I see this as humankind’s early knowledge of natural laws. The second disk is an abstraction of a Dodecahedron, a polyhedron Platonic solid, one of the five elements which I see as the beginning of formal classification and the scientific method. The third disk is an ancient navigational tool, the Astrolabe. In antiquity, “reading” the stars and their fixed, known locations was the only way to circumnavigate the globe. This is a complex tool is representative of humankind’s knowledge of the laws of science.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on themes of nature, science, and spirituality. I seek to create dialogue around these themes and raise questions about what we share in common as a society. I use the universal languages of math, geometry, music, values, and emotions to expose similarities across cultures. I work in multiple media and often employ many forms of layering and collage to be decoded for more depth of meaning and understanding. In the end, my work suggests our common humanity, common languages and common goals, it encourages reflection and invites personal discovery.

Sponsor: Suzanne Black
Photo by Jude Gibson
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