Derrick – Sculpture Jam

Derrick’s anthropomorphic body is welded perforated angle iron with a rusty finish. It holds up a functional solar panel. At night, there is a very leisurely spiral projected onto the ground, referencing a drilling action. This sculpture references old-timey old derricks. But, it holds up a solar panel which powers its piercing red eyes and, at night, initiated a hidden projector to direct a slow light spiral on the ground. The spiral mimics a drilling action. What? A solar powered, “green” oil drill? Is this the hybrid transition from oil dependency to renewable solar energy? Derrick acknowledges our continued reliance on boring for oil but he’s looking toward greener energy sources.

“Derrick” stands 130″ high x 48″ wide x 48″ deep.

Artist Statement

Sculpture Jam is a collective of Sonoma County artists who meet several times a month to self-fund and create public sculptures. The group has existed for over 20 years, though the members have changed. Members are knowledgeable about and concerned about durability and public safety of sculptures.

Sponsor: David McChesney
Photo by Jude Gibson
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