The Drifter by Dan Good

Dan Good, from San Francisco, has a sculpture in Cloverdale on west side of Cloverdale Boulevard across from City Hall. The sculpture, "The Drifter" created from stainless steel is 87"in height, 48" wide and 25" deep. "The Drifter" is a blank and adventurous figure; each viewer can find within this sculpture someone they know.

Dan describes how he creates his sculptures: "My sculptures begin with the cerebral, but they don’t end there. I want them to inspire and create joy. They are about balance and form, logic and chaos, ideas and emotions. They are inspired by the elegance of geometry and the deep weirdness of the mine.

Each block might be an arm or a leg, a tree or an airplane. The sculptures are about relationships – the emotion behind the angle formed by two blocks, the way the lines connecting the blocks draw your eyes around the piece. They attempt to catch a little bit of the world like a sidelong glance, never quite resolving into focus."

"The Drifter", which balances comfortably on its baseplate on Cloverdale Boulevard, is sponsored by Erickson Fine Art Gallery in Healdsburg.

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles