The Four Seasons and Tulip – Adrian Litman

Adrian Litman of Santa Rosa has a sculpture "The Four Seasons" in Cloverdale. Adrian describes his sculpture as an artistic interpretation of the continuous converging energy movements in the Universe which influence life on earth on a daily basis. It is a 14 foot high tower that is 13 inches wide and 13 inches deep made of painted steel. "The Four Seasons" sponsored by Wilson Winery is located on Cloverdale Blvd. near Citrus Fair Dr.

A second sculpture by Adrian, "Tulip", is located in the field south of downtown Geyserville. Sponsored by Joel & Kathy Znino this sculpture made of stainless steel is 14 feet high by 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep. "Tulip" is Adrian’s artistic symbol of "perfect love". Tulips were cultivated in the 1500s in Persia and later became popular all over the world. The many colors they come in were associated with various meanings related to LOVE.

Adrian states; "As an artist, I find inspiration and fuel for creative expression by contemplating the big sky above. My inspiration is enhanced by concepts introduced by contemporary science, like the hidden, intriguing elements of the Universe such as Dark Matter, Cosmic Dust, Black Holes and Super Novas. The spiritual dimension of the Universe is another major factor that stimulates my creativity. Through my artwork I try to translate the dynamics and mysteries of the Universe into color and shapes designed not only to entertain and inspire the viewer, but to convey the message that the future of the Human Race may not lie here on Earth but in the skies above."