Harappan Swansong – Stan Huncilman

“Harappan Swansong”: The mind and body are distinct entities and perhaps not always in harmony. How would that translate into a sculpture? Harappan Swansong started with the wheel of inner dharma turning ever so relentlessly and ended with antennae of resistance. In between lies the rub of folly found and folly lost.

Welded and painted steel – H 88″ x 25″ x 25″.

Artist Statement

When I begin a sculpture, I never know how it will resolve. It is the first step in an adventure. I have a map, a map that is composed of previous sculptures –some complete others merely remnants. That is; each work has something in it of the work before it. Sculpture is like language in that it can tell a story, yet it can be a language so personal that no one else can understand it (sometimes even the creator). That is what makes the adventure exciting – being able to show others what happened – by creating a language with an ever-larger vocabulary.

My sculptures are not of real things but of the imagined, contraptions of the mind, machines that explain or perhaps they merely ask questions. I like to think of them as magical and dream like aspects of the things that are part of our daily lives. However my work is not limited to making interesting or even though provoking sculptures. I am after all a sculptor; which means that I find power and excitement in the medium and application, in making the solid seem fluid, the heavy seem light. If they are painted the laying down of color and the physical interplay between the sculpture and color is world unto itself.

Sculpting for me is like magic, what you ultimately see is the magic of a journey that few choose to take. The closer you get to the surface the more it fades away and the more it’s just about form. With all of its beautiful blemishes, scratches, dents and mistakes. Step a few feet back and you re-enter the place of the subconscious and of dreams.

Sponsor: Plank Coffee Cloverdale & Healdsburg
Photo by Jude Gibson
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