Hung Up – Beth Hartmann and Allegra Burke

The sculpture "Hung Up" by Beth Hartmann of Sebastopol and Allegra Burke of Santa Rosa evolved from a love of 3 dimensional objects and an appreciation for women’s work. It is an opportunity to tie together women of all ages from ancient to contemporary. The inspiration for the sculpture came from brownstones in Boston, riversides in India, apartments in China, and little girls’ paper dolls. What it brings to mind is multiple lines of laundry flapping in the breeze, which can be a pleasant sight or perhaps an indication of the industriousness and cleanliness of the inhabitants.

"Hung Up" is a hanging sculpture 54′ long and 5′ tall at its maximum and is installed 17′ 8" above the Farmers Market next to Plank Coffee, the sponsor of this unique sculpture. The materials of this sculpture are glow-in-the-dark clothesline with artist-made large wooden, glow-in-the-dark clothespins. The hanging laundry is painted fiber and painted metal mesh. The oversized "clothes" on the line include an apron, bra, shirt and pants.

As stated by Beth, "Although many of my materials are modern, at least when put to use in art (rusting rolled steel, metal mesh, copper and wire), I work to expose universal emotions. My themes involve our environments and health." Allegra views her art as. . "a serious matter, one in which I have a vehicle for speaking out both socially and politically. My art is an expression of my current state of mind, a survival tool and a distraction from what pains me. It is a form of non-verbal communication that I share with others."

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles