Jazy – Ernest & Lois Rich

Ernest & Lois Rich of Berkeley have been working as a creative metal artist team for more than 30 years. Ernest describes their work in mild steel, which is the medium they prefer to work with.

"Beginning with fire, hammer and anvil, our process provides a window to work the hot metal, similar to a potter with clay, transforming the rigid medium into flowing, delicate parts yet maintaining strength and stability. Oftentimes mimicking nature, or incorporating specific elements, to create a storyline of history, to current events of a community. Initially working with paper patterns to work out details, then on to the unyielding steel, every day brings new challenges, keeping it interesting. It’s fascinating for us to see how much we can contort and defy the idea of structural steel. Our creations are influenced greatly by our passions for our natural surroundings, dance and music."

The Rich’s passion for music led to the creation of "Jazzy II". This sculpture was inspired by musicians who become one with their music. "Jazzy" is a steel sculpture with a natural rust finish, 77" high by 24" wide and 24" deep. "Jazzy" is currently located in Geyserville at 20975 Geyserville Avenue, just south of the Fire Station and is sponsored by Margie Hanselman & David Luebkeman.