Lips by Beth Hartmann

Beth Hartman with Lips

Beth Hartmann has exhibited numerous times in Cloverdale, each sculpture different than the previous ones. The current sculpture, “Lips” was created using tinted cement and steel; the sculpture is 63” high with a circumference of 29”.   The sponsor the Beth’s “Lips” is David McChesney and can be viewed at the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and First Street by Chase Bank.

According to Beth, her giant lips raise questions:  Can lips be so hard yet sensual?  Why are these lips sideways?  Whose lips are these, not Marilyn’s, not Sophia’s, maybe mine,…. that woman’s?  Are they speaking to me; what do they say?  How old would the giant be who has lips like those?  Hmmm, what’s behind those lips?

Artist Statement

With a background in nursing, Beth Hartmann feels comfortable portraying interior and exterior body parts.  She focuses on the body and the environment: pressures, limitations, fragility, & responses to internal or external influences.  New processes and products permit her to apply vibrant colors which will accept outdoor conditions.  Using her own techniques and, frequently, translucent or reflective materials, she constructs objects and installations which provoke thought.

Sponsor: David McChesney
Photo by Jude Gibson
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