Meet Me on the Corner – Carlos Zamora

Carlos Zamora is exhibiting in Cloverdale for the first time. Carlos is from Ecuador and is a reflection of Latin American culture with a formal European art education. From early childhood he observed sculptures in his country, then started sanding wooden sculptures for other artists, which led to creating his own pieces. Sculpture now dominates his daily life and his dreams.

His sculpture of four faces is composed of four cast concrete sections. Carlos describes the faces, "they appear to have lived for centuries and bear the burdens of isolation, discrimination, injustice and pain, as well as the intimacy of love and commonality. The forms reflect light and shadow, each depending on the other, in their discord and their harmony. “Meet Me on the Corner” asks the viewer to look inside, to feel familiarity, and ponder the fate of the faces in the sculpture and all people."

Each face is 4 feet high x 4 feet wide and 4feet deep and forms a square. "Meet Me on the Corner" sponsored by Bob Scott and Tim McDonald is located on the corner of Cloverdale Blvd and E. Second Street.