Nautilus Shells – Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton

Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton, from Santa Rosa, are well known as a creative husband and wife team collaborating on many projects. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together they have created a garden full of surreal sculptural works. 13 years ago they started putting parts of stage sets that Peter had designed in their rambling garden. Over the years they have added sculptures, including mosaics. Currently they work in concrete which can be solid as rock, as liquid as water, and even putty. It can be stained, colored and incorporated into sculptures.

"Nautilus Shells" is the title of the Crompton sculpture in Cloverdale. This sculpture came from the Crompton’s interest in creating pieces that blend with the environment, which is the reason so much of the mesh is deliberately left open. It was decided by Peter and Robyn to make a group of four shells that would integrate with the garden more naturally and could be arranged in a number of different ways.

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles