Navigator – Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton

Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton, from Santa Rosa, are well known as a creative husband and wife team collaborating on many projects. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together they have created a garden full of surreal sculptural works. 13 years ago they started putting parts of stage sets that Peter had designed in their rambling garden.

Peter has a sculpture "Navigator" in Cloverdale at the corner of W. 2nd Street and Cloverdale Blvd. He describes creating "Navigator" as follows: "I was working on this sculpture as we were waiting to be evacuated for the Santa Rosa fires of 2017, so it is forever associated with the smell of smoke for me. I tried to create an image of freedom that is associated with wings and flying, but tempered by the need to control flight through Navigational systems and procedures, hence the geometrical shapes surrounding the wing, and the title. I also like the irony that the sculpture is made of heavy materials: steels and concrete: those least likely to become airborne. As is usual for my sculptures, all ratios and measurements conform to ancient Greek geometrical design principles".

Made of steel and concrete, "Navigator" is 7′ 9" high by 8′ wide and 3′ deep and is sponsored by Bob Scott and Tim McDonald.

Take the Otocast’s audio self-guided tour of the Sculpture Trail to learn more about Peter Crompton and "Navigator". The fun part of the tour is listening to Peter talk about "Navigator". Download the free Otocast app at Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy listening to all of the exhibiting sculptors.