Nicki’s Dream – Michael Seymour

Michael Seymour from Santa Rosa has a sculpture, "Nicki’s Dream", on display as part of the 2019-2020 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. "Nicki’s Dream," inspired by Seymour’s daughter’s love of horses, started with an armature by cutting, piecing and welding steel pipe and tubing, creating a virtual sketch. Next the Core Ten steel skin is hammered and tacked and forced in the shape of a grazing horse to be enjoyed. "Nicki’s Dream" is 6 feet high x 3 feet wide x 8 feet deep and weights 200 lbs. This sculpture is located at the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and First Street and is sponsored by Shelli Byers.

Seymour creates his sculptures out of steel. According to the artist, "Steel is an extremely strong and unyielding material. It is only with much thought, planning and perseverance that a steel piece like Nicki’s Dream can be created. Working with steel is not for the timid. It is mind over matter. The sculpture was created with sheer force, a great deal of will and belief in what you are doing. It took me hundreds and hundreds of hours of back breaking work to create "Nicki’s Dream."