Caryatid by Peter and Robyn Crompton

Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton of Santa Rosa sculpture "Caryatid" is located at the entrance to the Plaza. Caryatids are statues that take the place of columns to support architecture. There are many theories of their origin. Peter’s favorite is that the women of a Greek town, Caryai, were particularly tall and strong. According to Peter, "The original versions of most Greek temples were made of wood, and it was only later that the ancients decided to imitate the shapes of their small wooden temples with large stone ones." Caryatid is gold leaf on reinforced concrete with mosaic eyes. This striking sculpture, reminiscent of theatre arts, is sponsored by Main Street Vacation House.

Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton are a husband and wife team who collaborate on many creative projects ranging from theatre design to fine art. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together they create a body of work that blends formal beauty and metaphorical power. Currently they work in concrete.

Robyn Spencer Crompton came to mosaics through what she considers the "back door". An internationally exhibited quilt maker and theatrical costume designer, Robyn has found mosaics to offer the physical manifestation of the mythological spirit that inspires her. For the past 18 years Peter has made his living as a freelance theatrical scenic designer. His body of work includes ballet, opera, musicals, contemporary and period drama, experimental works, and several world premieres. Peter later took up monumental sculpture using the techniques and aesthetics he learned in the theater.