Cherish – Brian J. Williams

Brian J. Williams of Duncans Mills is exhibiting for the first time in Cloverdale and Geyserville as part of the Sculpture Trail. In Cloverdale his sculpture is "Cherish" a whimsical, oversized pink pig smiling down on people walking on the Boulevard, and in their cars as they pass the intersection of Cloverdale Boulevard and First Street. According to Brian, "The pig smiles down at us to remind everyone of the moments we have, and to cherish each one." Hand peeled and carved from a Coastal Redwood log, "Cherish" stands 9 feet tall, 26 inches around and weighs approximately 800 pounds. The sponsor of this amusing sculpture is Carol and Lenny of Nose Flute Music.

"Wolf Pack" is the title of the sculpture on display in the field south of Geyserville. The Sculpture consists of 5 totems hand carved from Coastal Redwood logs and then fancifully painted. Each totem is a distinct animal, yet bonded together as a pack sharing a common spirit. Brian begins with a concept and a specific animal in mind, letting the individual tree shape the final result. Each piece has a meaning for Brian – the viewer can find their own. The sponsor of "Wolf Pack" is Diavola Pizzeria of Geyserville.

Cherish Photo by Tedd Peterson