Column l, Column ll – Beth Hartmann

"Column l, Column ll" is the title of the Sebastopol’s Beth Hartmann sculpture located on the corner of W. 2nd Street and Cloverdale Boulevard. The sculpture is 100" high, 60" wide, 60" deep, made of steel and sponsored by Erickson’s Fine Art Gallery in Healdsburg. The sculpture is about form, trees and the future of trees. When Beth uses intense heat to weld the steel sections and to texture the steel to simulate bark, she often thinks how trees are affected by their new weather conditions. "All of us are worried about the vegetation in our warming environment" Hartmann says. "This hard steel sculpture speaks to hope about the hardiness of our trees, and their beauty, even as they go through decay."

Beth studied dimensional fiber art and papermaking. She uses these creative skills along with her metal sculpture skills to create mixed-media abstract pieces. These abstracts focus on the environment as it affects our bodies and spirits. Beth has exhibited throughout the country and has won numerous awards.

Photo by Tedd Peterson