Heirloom by Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

From cakes to costumes to concrete mosaics, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner’s life is filled with color and wit. A passionate maker of objects her whole life, she enjoys using various mediums to create fanciful reflections of the world around her. Now, primarily working 3-dimensionally and in concrete, Eileen creates larger-than-life fruit, eggs, and animal sculptures to enliven gardens and living spaces and to celebrate nature’s zest for life.

Eileen has a sculpture in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail — "Heirloom", a larger-than-life tomato, 29" in height by 31" wide and 31" deep was created out of wire meth, concrete and fiberglass.. According to Eileen "a recent commission from a landscape architect found me creating a large pomegranate and once born, it bred a series of large fruit. These giant natural replicas make me smile with "what if" scenarios. "How many would it feed?" "Where did it come from?" "Did you really grow that?" The fruit provides a sense of abundance and humor." The "Heirloom", sponsored by webmelt.com is located at the entrance to the Plaza, was created out of wire mesh, concrete and fiberglass.


Photo by Tedd Peterson