Firebird and Opus – Oleg Lobykin

Oleg Lobykin of East Palo Alto is exhibiting in Cloverdale for the first time. He has two sculptures in the Sculpture Trail, "Firebird" and "Opus". According to Oleg, "Transformation or metamorphosis is a theme running through most of my sculptures. I like the visual simplicity in natural forms. Often this apparent simplicity masks a deeper complexity of structure, which my work may appear at times to mimic. My sculptures are an attempt to strip away unneeded layers in a search for the origins of form itself."

"Firebird" represents Oleg’s exploration of form. It is the reintrepetion of the rising of life from the molecular level as something new begin to emerge from an almost chaotic “cellular soup” of bubble-like shapes. Located in front of the Cloverdale Library this sculpture (8 ft. high x 5 ft. wide and 16 inches deep) is made of reinforced fiberglass and is sponsored by Bob & Jeanne Cox.

The base of "opus" looks like a zigzag of straight lines and right angles which then flows upward like bubbles in seltzer. This sculpture is 8 ft. tall x 10.5 ft. wide with a depth of 3.5 ft. is located across from the Cloverdale Plaza. This unique piece is sponsored by Bob Cox and Tim McDonald.

Photo by Tedd Peterson