Satellite Seeker – Joe Bologna

Joe Bologna became a full-time sculptor after being a successful San Francisco Bay Area architect for thirty years. Joe’s sculptures have been enjoyed throughout the greater Bay Area, including Cloverdale. He enjoys working in metal and is the proud owner of a large scrape pile of metal. Looking through his pile of metal he sees not rusty, twisted metal, but eyeballs, animals and people. Joe takes pride in diverting materials from the landfill route, then combining them to create a bit of visual interest or to put a smile on viewers’ faces.

In Cloverdale, Joe’s sculpture "Satellite Seeker" is looking for a signal. In fact, we are all looking for signals in life. Life is filled with signals; sometimes they are clear and sometimes fuzzy. This sculpture that is 11 feet tall was created out of steel, satellite TV dish parts and ceramic and is located on the north side Citrus Fair Drive near the intersection of Cloverdale Blvd. The sponsor of this sculpture is Railroad Station Bar & Grill located at 236 S. Cloverdale Blvd.

Joe also has a sculpture. "One Eye Jack", in Geyserville in front of the sponsor’s business, Bosworth & Son General Store on Geyserville Blvd. It is a humorous red steel head made from old tools and equipment culled from several industries. As this piece evolved, several titles came to Joe. As he rushed to his studio to finish the sculpture by installing the second recycled parking lot light fixture/eye …. Joe dropped it! To be called "One Eye Jack".

Photo by Jude Gibson-Byers