Tension – David Mudgett

David Mudgett of Walnut Creek is participating in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. His sculptures have been shown extensively in CA and can be found in both public and private collections. David has received numerous awards including one Best of Show and two Honorable Mentions in past Cloverdale Annual Sculpture Exhibits. David’s sculpture in the 2015-2016 Sculpture Trail is "Tension" created from steel, stainless steel and granite. It stands 16 feet tall and its foot print is 9′ x 6′. While David was exploring the use of pipe in the creation of abstract bugs, "Tension" came to be. "Tension" is poised to release its wrecking band and swing it precisely at its target – waiting patiently for its prey.

"Tension" is located in the landscaped area at the intersection of S. Cloverdale Boulevard and Citrus Fair Drive. The sponsor of this whimsical sculpture is Marliece Dickens.
Inspired by his grandfather, Mudgett was drawn to steel and spent years as a pipe fitter learning the craft. He was fascinated by the ease at which large pieces of metal could be formed into limitless objects, and metal soon became an affliction. Metal fabrication gave him a firm grasp of steel, yet he found the conventional uses littered with boundaries. The fusion of art and steel was calling to him.

Today, David is a full-time sculptor focused on steel and natural elements combined with steel. He views sculpting as offering excitement, intrigue, tests and triumphs with an every changing path.

Photo by Jude Gibson-Byers