Thirsty – Lisa Kaplan

Lisa Kaplan’s sculpture "Thirsty" medium is cob, which is straw and earth clay. The clay encases and allows repetitive linear strands of straw to be pulled and molded into structure, form and line. Lisa also incorporates tree prunings with basic art materials including plaster, gauze, canvas, burlap, rope and sometimes household items in her cob clay sculptures.

Through her sculptures Lisa hopes to raise awareness, elicit a visceral response, and plant seeds of change in viewers’ perspectives, attitudes and actions. According to Lisa, "If viewers interact with a sculpture, think about it, feel it, remember it. I have done my job."

Thirsty, Lisa’s sculpture in the Cloverdale section of the Sculpture Trail, was created on the principle that all life forms on earth need water to survive. Water is our lifeline. It flows through us, nourishes, hydrates and comprises about 60% of the human body.

Lisa’s statement on her sculpture is timely; "Thirsty speaks of global water issues, of the strife and challenges of hydration. California, as well, has water issues – a drought; an opportunity to expand our awareness of water and water use. The average African family uses only 5 gallons of water in a day. This includes only one gallon or less of drinking water. Often times they must walk miles to procure it. This compared to the 400 gallons or more the average American family of 4 uses indoors only."

Thirsty is comprised of cob, earth clay, straw, plumbing pipes, manzanita and other tree prunings, muslin, rope and soy/linseed oil based sealant. Thirsty is located at 115 E. 2nd Street between Cloverdale Blvd. and Main Street. The sponsor of this thought provoking sculpture is Von Hoogenstyn & Associates.

Photo by Tedd Peterson