First Base – Tyson Barbera

This large steel flower is called first base for two reasons. In order to move forward in any relationship a gift of flowers always helps the progression of the relationship forward. Second this was my first attempt at making a large in size and weight base for a sculpture. Over half of the total weight of this piece of art is at the bottom. At 60 pounds out of 120, it is heavy. Made from ford, dodge and a tractor pressure plate I created a sturdy base to raise a flower from. Starting with two pieces of 1968 Cadillac exhaust pipes I made the stem. I continued with a chair back split in two for some leaves .The flower itself was composed from a metal farming disk, dulled out drill bits, and pieces from the disk that were cut out from the disk. The flower ‘s center is higher than five and half feet from the ground way above eye level for most people.

I am a recycled metal artist . I have been creating sculpture for about 10 years now. I have always been a reuser. I make complete usable pedal bikes , water fountains , chairs, benches, wall hangings and free standing sculpture. I usually start with a piece that reminds me of something and whatever it be that the piece reminds me of is how I will begin to tackle that sculpture. I am continuing to create from my house with findings from dumpster-diving adventures. With great drive and lots of passion to create, I plan on sculpting things that people can enjoy while helping to diminish the amount of debris that goes into the landfill.