Hands With Balls – Peter Crompton & Robyn Spencer Crompton

We are husband and wife team that collaborate on many creative projects ranging from theatre design to fine art. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together, we aim to create a body of work that blends formal beauty and metaphorical power.

Currently, we work in concrete. It can be as solid as rock, or as malleable as mud, and can be stained, colored, and surfaced with mosaic. Plus, it has been used for over 6000 years.

You can see our work in downtown Cotati, Moshin Winery, Starlite Winery, Davero, and in our studio/garden during Artrails, and at. We are represented by Hammerfriar Gallery in Healdsburg.


These hands embody Balance, both literally and figuratively. The right hand has fragments of the celestial symbols found in palmistry. This posits a relationship between the celestial bodies and our lives, and is based on the medieval idea: "As above, so below".

The left hand deals with more rational things: geometry and measurement. It incorporates a Vesica Piscus: a geometric shape that can generate the golden mean and a variety of interesting triangles