Plumber on the Move – Joe Bologna

Joe Bologna became a full-time sculptor after being a successful San Francisco Bay Area architect for thirty years. Joe’s sculptures have been enjoyed throughout the greater Bay Area, including Cloverdale. He enjoys working in metal and is the proud owner of a large scrape pile of metal. Looking through his pile of metal he sees not rusty, twisted metal, but eyeballs, animals and people. Joe takes pride in diverting materials from the landfill route, then combining them to create a bit of visual interest or to put a smile on viewers’ faces.

This year Joe is exhibiting in Geyserville a bright red plumber created out of painted steel pipes, tank, springs and plumbing fitting titled, "Plumber on the Move with a Spring in His Step and a Bit of an Attitude". "Plumber on the Move" is 6′ high by 1.5’wide and 2.5′ deep and is located near the Hope Merrill House on Geyserville Avenue. The Sponsor of this fun sculpture, which does put a smile on your face, is North Coast Properties.

Photo by Tedd Peterson