Psyche Sings – Peter Crompton

"Psyche Sings", the large face of a goddess, was the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the opening of the 2012 Annual Sculpture Exhibit. Peter Crompton crafted the piece of gold leaf and fortified reinforced concrete over structural foam. "Throughout my work," Crompton says, "I have explored the symbolic possibilities of the human figure, particularly in my sculpture. Because they are often over-life-size, they have a theatrical impact that I find appealing." Crompton also designs stage scenery throughout the bay area, and has taught college courses in Design & Scenic Arts and Design &am[; Stagecraft.

Crompton explains the myth behind the piece, "Pysche was blindfolded so that she would not realize that her lover, Eros, was a god. Unable to resist temptation, she looked at him, thus ending the relationship. After she journeyed to the underworld Eros reclaimed and apotheosized her. Her name has come to be synonymous with ‘soul’." Crompton explains, "The poem inscribed on her neck is the last verse of a Tennyson opus about sex, death and surrender. These are the themes of this piece."