Rwenzori – Stan Huncilman

Stan Huncilman combines child-like playfulness with an ingenious primitivism. He creates a wonderland of intriguing forms and convoluted messages. Stan’s vade mecum opens the door to an incomparable world of nutritiously puzzling paradigms whose roots may be in religion, folk art, nineteenth century industrialism or Greek mythology. Stan explains his sculptures, "In this world, a whimsical sense of humor walks arm in arm with an obstinate determination to create."

"Rwenzori" is the title of Huncilman’s sculpture, part of the Geyserville Trail. The sculpture is from his All My Psyches Series. According to Stan, "The inspiration for this and other sculptures in this series is an abstracted human form combined with a schematicated interpretation of the mind."

"Rwenzori" is 78" high x 36" wide x 28" deep and is made of welded steel and resin. This unique sculpture is located on Geyserville Avenue near Geyser Ridge.

Photo by Tedd Peterson