Truth – John Parulis

"Truth" by sculptor John Parulis was an art installation for Burning Mann. At Burning Man some people were married under the sign, and about 80 pounds of thermite was ignited under it. "Truth" is 22 feet wide, 16 feet high and 8 feet deep, steel sculpture that weights 1 1/2 tons.

According to the artist, "Art is a lot of things to many people. For some, it’s an invitation to an alternative way of regarding everything, maybe even an alternative way of thinking. For a few, art is a transformative experience. I like to think of my process as engaging these notions. Creating large art is a discovery process for me. Though I have a plan, I’m never quite sure what the outcome will be, because the process is evolutionary. Underlying all of this is a simple live for life and the "Truth" in all things great and small."

Judy Voight sponsored "Truth", which is located in the field south of Geyserville by the Geyserville , Highway 128 exit.

Photo by Jude Gibson Byers