Crompton Dragon Osarus – 3-D Edddy

3D-Edddy, sculptor from Santa Rosa has a dragon sculpture 65" high by 33" wide and 114" deep created from wood, nails, bolts and sheet metal in the Geyserville section of the Sculpture Trail. 3D-Edddy has been working with recycled materials for well over 42 years. Reusing materials and recycling discards is his way of creating awareness in the public to recycling.

His current subjects have been dragons, whose inspiration came from a child’s drawing. According to 3D-Edddy, "I have played with creating characters with expressions such as humor, cuteness, surprise and joy. My process has been to let the materials talk to me and let me know what they want to be. This spontaneity with the materials has developed overtime and from my work with children." His sculpture "Crompton Dragon Osarus" can be found in Geyserville Avenue near the Plaza Park & Ride.