Gulp by Eileen Fiz-Faulkner

From cakes to costumes to concrete mosaics, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner’s life is filled with color and wit. A passionate maker of objects her whole life, she enjoys using various mediums to create fanciful reflections of the world around her. Now, primarily working 3-dimensionally and in concrete, Eileen creates larger-than-life fruit, eggs, and animal sculptures to enliven gardens and living spaces and to celebrate nature’s zest for life.

Eileen sculpture "Gulp" is one of a series of birds she made last year. In her artist’s statement, Eileen talks about her love of birds; their wacky shapes of birds large and small from their bills to their feather head frills. "I started hatching my own. The birds I create are always larger than life and seem to be a natural Segway from the eggs I’ve been making for years. The birds have the same Seussian exaggerations, and I love covering them in bright colors and designs. Gulp is constructed over a steel frame, covered with wire, concrete and covered in ceramic mosaic." It is 5 feet tall x 24" front to back and 23"” wide and is located in Geyserville on Geyserville Avenue near the Hope Merrill House and sponsored by Jessica Heiges.