Pigasus by Michael Seymour

Michael Seymour from Santa Rosa creates his sculptures out of steel. According to the artist, "Steel sculpture is a paradox. It yields under heat and hammer almost fluid, yet incredibly unforgiving when cold. Its creation becomes a deliberate and conscience decision."

"Pigasus" was created much like a line drawing, only three dimensional. With the addition of steel line after line until a form begins to appear. The repetition of heavy welded wire rod creates dimension until the form of "Pigasus" emerges. "Pigasus", 42" wide x 24” wide x 48” deep, is located at the Kelley & Young Wine Tasting Room and is sponsored by Kelley and Young.

Michael explains this sculpture; "Pigasus is my interpretation of the quote … "if pigs could fly". A fanciful happy pig flying to unknown destinations. It is my hope all viewers enjoy and smile when they experience this piece."