Poised – David Mudgett

Spiders have traditionally been given a bad rap. Often needlessly destroyed out of fear, they could benefit from a spokesman in their defense.

An intricate strand in the web of life, spiders serve us in many ways. A natural combatant against garden pests, spiders also reduce the number of disease carrying insects in our communities. Recent research in the realm of spider venom has shown promise in the treatment of everything from neurological disorders to bioengineering of pesticides.

It is my hope that this sculpture will act as an ambassador, provoking the viewer to face his or her fears by looking past the stigma and realizing the true magnificence of these creatures.

Size: 63′ high z 126″ wide x 12′ deep Compositions: Steel, dye sublimated aluminum.

Artist Statement

I’ve been building things my whole life. Always encouraged to repair rather than replace, I became mechanically inclined at a young age. I have always gravitated towards shape, sound and movement.

I was first drawn to metal by my grandfather, the pipe-fitter. Intrigued by his metal finesse, and surrounded by his many projects, I was lured in. Staring at the fire and witnessing the magic as the molten metal danced around him has indelibly burnt itself into me.

Following in his footsteps, I was fortunate to serve my apprenticeship in a large pipe fabrication shop and spent years as a pipe-fitter. The ease at which large pieces of metal could be formed into limitless objects fascinated me, and the metal soon became an affliction. These years of metal fabrication gave me a firm grasp of steel. I unfortunately found the conventional uses littered with boundaries.

Urged to apply my metalworking skills to art, I produced my first sculpture. This new found form of expression was exhilarating. I had stumbled onto the creative freedom that I was searching for. Having now spent the better part of my life working with steel, I am incurably hooked. Its strength and versatility afford me the liberty to take a piece in any direction.

Sponsor: Plank Coffee Cloverdale & Healdsburg
Photo by Jude Gibson
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