The 2020-2022 Trail Quiz

Spokes by T.Barny
With the current Cloverdale Sculpture Trail exhibit getting ready to roll out and the incoming one up in May, let's test your knowledge of the 2020-2022 exhibit. You'll get a certificate at the end if you 8 of the answers correct, and have the chance to take it over.


1) What was the name of People's Choice winner by Sculpture Jam

By Sculpture Jam

2) Which multiple Sculpture Trail exhibitor created "Poised"?


3) Which sculptor created the best of show winner "Nests"?


4) First Prize went to Stan Huncilman, what sculpture was it?

Stan Huncilman

5) Returning to the exhibit after her 2014 participation is Cynthia Handle with Blue Swan and what honorable mention?

Cynthia Handel

6) The popular team of Peter Crompton & Robyn Spencer created which sculpture this exhibit?

7) Hector M. Ortega teamed up with Taryn Moore to create which sculpture?


8) We've had several statement pieces on the California fires. Who sculpted "Tame the Fire"?

Tame the Fire

9) Which Sculpture by Michael Seymour was created to resemble a line drawing?

Michael Seymour

10) Exhibitor Philip Lynch's piece is kinetic by nature and shimmers in unexpected patterns with the slightest breeze?

Philip Lynch

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Cloverdale Performing Arts Center (CPAC) is the Producer of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail