2022-2024 Trail Quiz

Hendrix Wilson, 7 years posing with ThistleWith the current Cloverdale Sculpture Trail exhibit up since May, let's test your knowledge of the 2022-2024 exhibit.




1) Who won the People's Choice award for 2022 - 2024?


2) Who won the Best of Show award for 2022 - 2024?


3) Who won the First Prize for 2022 - 2024?


4) Which multiple Sculpture Trail exhibitor created "Thistle"?

5) Which sculptor created the honorable mention winner "Cyles-2: Science"?

6) Which popular team created "Icarus"?

7) What sculpture is made from wrenches, old tools, nuts and bolts, railroad spikes, diamond plate and even a tire iron or two?

8) What Sculptor appplied their skill as a pipefitter for their piece?

9) What sculpture is based on the idea of nesting birds and their journeys?

10) Which sculpture's 1st life was as a prop?

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Cloverdale Performing Arts Center (CPAC) is the Producer of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail