Relationship Series XV – Joseph Castle

Joseph Castle from Santa Ynez is exhibiting in Cloverdale for the first time. His sculpture "Relationship Series XV" is bronze with a steel base. It is 48" high by 54" wide by 36" deep. According to Joseph, "The graceful simplicity of this sculpture serves as a fulcrum between dynamic energy and reflective contemplation. The sculpture reaches skyward, which represents goals and ideas, which at the same time is rooted in solid mass denoting stability and strong foundations."

The creative process Joseph goes through is similar to the myths he draws from. He starts with a vague idea of where the idea might go, yet as the work progresses the direction and destination becomes clearer. The process of making a sculpture is a spiritual practice for Joseph. According to Joseph, myths are stories and help us find spiritual footing and make the point that because of culture we are never truly alone.

Joseph has exhibited throughout the country and in Canada. His sculpture in Cloverdale is located on the north side of First Street and the east side of Cloverdale Blvd. and is sponsored by Jane & Ron Pavelka of Pacific Union International Real Estate.

Photo by Jonathan Bly Ungles