Christiansen-Arner – River Tempo

Cherie Christiansen and Franz Arner have three sculptures in the 2019-2020 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. "Cool Jazz" (granite) located in front of Cloverdale Nursery and sponsored by Diane Bartleson, "Infinite Wave" (granite) by Papa’s Pizza and sponsored by Mary Jo Winter of Management Connection and "River Tempo" (black basalt & bronze) by the Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Jane & Ron Pavelka of Compass Realty.

The stone and bronze sculptures of Cherie and Franz reflect both abstract sculptural shapes and forms and those that are reflective of nature. They often create sculptures with water moving over the pieces. Some sculptures are created with humor and whimsy, some for elegance and beauty and all dictated mainly by the stone they are carving.

These talented sculptors have been designing gardens and carving stone for over thirty years in Northern California. Their work has been exhibited in sculpture gardens, public art exhibits, galleries and commission by acclaimed architects, landscape architects and designers in America.