Salvaged Horse – Pierre Riche

Pierre Richie with Salvaged Horse
Salvaged Horse

The many steel parts that comprise this dynamic equine representation are wrenches, old tools, nuts and bolts, railroad spikes, diamond plate and even a tire iron or two. There are two welded circles of chain links from a diesel locomotive that frame the wine barrel base.

This sculpture, 77” H x 27” w x 48” D.

Artist Statement

“From scrap metal to salvation, that is the process I use to elevate the crude to the sublime in my sculptures. It is also a metaphor for the spiritual transformation that guides and gets expressed through my work. Salvaging discarded and abandoned metals and up-cycling them into figurative and animal sculptures revels an invaluable message; with the right tools and creative persuasion, no scrap metal will perish.”

Pierre continues: “I strive to strike a balance between crude industrial forms merging into flowing graceful visual poetry. Each sculpted artwork possesses its own rhythm and tells a story.”

Sponsor: Shelli Byers
Photo by Jude Gibson
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