Serafina – Peter Crompton

This sculpture reflects two of my (Peter) favorite sources: classical art, and 19th century sculpture. I drew on the Nike of Samothrace and the deliciously cheesy “dream of sorrow” by 19th century sculptor Raphael Monti. I was thinking of perseverance and rejuvenation. The sculpture is concrete over fiberglass mesh over structural foam.

Weighing appx. 700lbs on a 3’x2′ steel plate base, it is held in place by gravity.

Artist Statement

We are a well-known husband and wife team of Peter & Robyn Spencer-Crompton. We collaborate on many creative projects ranging from theatre design to fine art. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. When planning a project we first brainstorm, which leads to research, then moves on to Peter fabricating the sculptural base. Together we cover the form with fiberglass mesh and concrete with polymer additives. At this point we decide on the surface that speaks best for the piece. If it will be a textured concrete work, Peter takes charge, or if it is to be a mosaic surface, Robyn completes it.

Sponsor: Ann Elston
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Photo by Jude Gibson