Shadows of Eternity – Emad Boback

“Shadows of Eternity” portray memory, and its allusive, interpretive nature. The linear elements move in very different directions, and with differing vantage points. These differences come together in one moment, or memory. The ring, and the space that it contains, exposes the relationship of these diverse participants at a given moment in time. Indeed, a memory that is shaped and supported by the diversity that created it.

The piece is composed of a stainless steel ring and Core-ten steel square tubing. Core-ten is a rust colored steel with nickel, providing a natural deep red finish that will not rust beyond the surface.

“Shadows of Eternity” is on permanent loan by the Voligt Family Sculpture Foundation.

Artist Statement

Originally trained in Architecture, I discovered my creative calling in the world of sculpture. My interest in natural material and utilization of space as a material in my work can be seen in metal sculptures and Tar paintings. Guided by my personal experience I create works of art which express my internal grappling with memory and place. My compositions express a powerful geometric language, which incorporates/utilizes both the void and the material. There is an inherent yearning for a sense of belonging and connection that is evident in public sculptures in Europe and the United States. Whether I’m working on a monumental stainless steel sculpture or an intimate painting with Tar or watercolor, my focus is on compositional expressions using geometric exuberance as an expression of the world I see around me.

Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
Photo by Tedd Peterson